Aneri Vajani surprises her fans by droppin in unanounced


Aneri Vajani was in for a wonderful amazement as of late, while she was returning home from the shoot of the TV indicate ‘Beyhadh’. On her way, she happened to see a couple of families in a ghetto watching her show. Excited, she chose to spring an astonishment on her fans and went along with them to watch the show.

She says, “I was in the auto when I saw a few people crouched up sitting before a TV in a ghetto. When I looked carefully, I understood that they were watching my show, and that as well, my arrangement. There was absolute mistrust on their countenances when I went up to them. When it at last occurred to them that I am Saanjh (her character in the show), they went insane. We clicked a considerable measure of selfies; it was a dazzling knowledge. Each on-screen character lives for minutes like these.”

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