Bigg Boss 11: The next three inmates to get imprisoned are …


Hina Khan and her team have lost yet another luxury budget task in the Bigg Boss house. In an interesting task, the makers pitted two teams against each other. One team had Vikas Gupta and the other had Hina Khan. While Hina’s team tried their level best from Priyank wearing a three piece biking and cavorting around the house, Hiten donning the garb of an old lady, they still lost the task.

Post the task, comes another exciting part which is to decide the weakest participator of the task. The weakest inmates are sent to Kaal Kothari and just like every week, this week’s nomination for imprisonment also didn’t go down smooth.

After a major showdown where Hina wanted to nominate Shilpa, the housemates came to a conclusion. The inmates decided to send Priyank Sharma, Akash Dadlani for his disgusting act and Hiten Tejwani into the Kaal Kothri.

Isn’t that surprising! Out of everyone, why Hiten? Will this conjure up a new ruckus in the house is something the viewers will get to see in tonight’s episode.

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