I don't want to attend BB10 finale: Priyanka Jagga


Not someone to mince words, Priyanka Jagga stood out in the tenth season of Bigg Boss for being a motor mouth.
She also created history for being the first inmate to be asked to leave the show mid-way by host Salman Khan.
Priyanka, though believed that she could always be a sole player, the man of the hour Swami Om claimed that she was his daughter and played tooth and nail to make her win tasks.

Now, with his ousting, we called up Priyanka to ask her views on Swami Om’s behaviour.

“I have never claimed that he was my father. I do not have any association with that man. Whatever help or assistance I offered him in the house was only cause of pity. Neither was I concerned about him nor will ever be,” shot back the lady.

When we asked her if she still wanted to be back in the house or mend bridges, Priyanka clearly said, “No, I am done with the show. I was ill and needed to move out, which I managed to. Now things have settled down and I am happy in my own space.”

The buzz doing the rounds that Salman doesn’t want Priyanka and Swami in the finale, seems to have put her off. In her bindaas attitude, she said, “I do not wish to attend the finale, even if they call me. Salman is too big a name for me to even comment.”

The lady, who is married to a foreigner and has two kids, is super excited to have become so popular. “People come to meet me from far away. You cannot be rude and say no, but everyone wants to click a selfie. I wouldn’t lie… I do love all the adulation.”

And finally when we asked Priyanka if she wanted to enter the entertainment industry, she stated, “No, I haven’t really thought about it. Let’s see what life has in store for me.”
Wish you all the best, Priyanka!

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