Gauri Pradhan re-enters Bigg Boss, this time with new members


Bigg Boss 11 saw a rather episodes, high on emotional basis. This week, the housemates’ family members entered the house and it was an emotionally driven week. The one family member even the viewers were anticipating was Hiten Tejwani’s doting wife Gauri.
The TV actress, who looked exceptionally beautiful, entered the house and gave a piece of her mind to other inmates. The episode hasn’t aired yet, but we all know that Gauri has given a stringent riposte to Hina Khan’s taunt to the former’s hubby.
What was more interesting was the unspoken emotional contact that happened between Hiten and Gauri. According to the task, Hiten was frozen while Gauri was there in the house. Even after she left the house, Hiten was still frozen. An insider revealed to us that post Gauri’s exit, Hiten was very low. The whole house came to talk to him but the guy remained dejected.
However, the latest we have heard is that Gauri has re-entered the BB house and this time with two new members. According to an insider, Salman was the one who insisted that Gauri re-enters the house. So Gauri would re-enter the house and her two kids will accompany her. This will make the house cheer up and especially Hiten Tejwani.
Isn’t that really surprising and endearing?

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