Girls fight it out to save the ‘izzat’ of their guys on Splitsvilla X!


Yes, you heard it right!
In the next ‘Test your bond challenge’ on Splitsvilla X, 3 girls – Divya, Naina and Ritu will go up against each other in a task aptly titled ‘Izzat Bachao’ to protect their partners from getting exposed!
The next episode on Splitsvilla X will see 3 boys – Basheer, Nachiket and Akash strip down completely wearing nothing (not even undies) but two heart shaped cutouts to protect their man goods. While they will be standing behind a panel made out of paper, the girls will be using tennis balls to break those paper panels. The one who can break all the panels and expose the boy revealing his man goods will win the task.
Speaking about the same, a source from the sets revealed, “It was a hilarious task with the boys’s Izzat at stake. Naine and Divya played smart and targeted Akash while Ritu gave them a tough fight.”
Who will win the task and which boy will be exposed?
To find out tune into episode nine of Splitsvilla X this Sunday, 17 September at 7pm only on MTV

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