Indrani Halder plays six Devi Durga avatars in Zee Bangla’s Mahalaya


As we all know about the occasion of Mahalaya, which is celebrated before Durga Puja. The auspicious day is not far away, in fact it is knocking on the door and the Bengalis all around the world can’t wait to watch Mahalaya special programmes on TV. So, the good news we bring to you is that actress Indrani Halder is all set to play Goddess Durga in Zee Bangla’s Mahalaya.
Last year, the actress was seen essaying Mahisasura Mardini but this time she will be seen playing various powerful avatars of Goddess Durga.
Known for films like Jara Bristite Bhijechhilo, Dahan and Charachar and soaps like Goyenda Ginni (Bengali) and Maryada…Lekin Kab Tak (Hindi), the National Award winning actress said to, “I am portraying six avatars of Durga namely Bhadrakali, Kapalini, Mangala Kali, Mahakali, Jayanti and Mahisasura Mardini.
All of these are extremely powerful and aggressive avatars of Durga. There are dance and fight sequences as well. I was happy when I was asked to portray these strong versions of the Goddess by them channel.”
“Srabanti (Chatterjee) is playing the softer versions and she is looking beautiful,” she added with a smile.
With such talented actresses on board, the show will surely be marvellous.
So, gear up for the show. It will be aired on Zee Bangla on 19 September at 5 am.

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