Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi February 20, 2017 written update: Elena goes to meet her family after 7 years


Elena prepares and considers how her family will respond meeting her following 7 years. Radha comes in and gets enraged subsequent to realizing that she is breaking her guarantee.

Elena reveals to her that Dev allowed to meet her family. Ishwari calls Dev to ask the same and he discloses to her that Sourav is getting hitched and Elena ought to be with them. At the point when Ishwari gets some information about how he thinks about Sourav’s wedding, he reveals to her that he is remaining outside Sona’s home. Ishwari gets stunned.

Suhana sees Dev outside and requests that he come in. Simply then Sona enters and Suhana reveals to her that Golu’s uncle is here. Be that as it may, Dev stows away.

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Dev energetically sits tight for Elena. He requests that her discover who Suhana is. She goes to her home.

Ronita’s mom recommends that she and Sourav ought to know each other well first. Sona says she is correct and requests that Sourav take Ronita out on the town.

Elena enters and everybody gets upbeat to see her. Elena requests that Sourav proceed with his date and reveals to him that she will meet him later.

Bejoy goes to Suhana’s room and inquires as to whether she needs to meet the visitors. She cannot. Bejoy calls the house keeper and cautions her not to give Suhana a chance to out of the room as he doesn’t need Elena to realize that she is Dev and Sona’s little girl.

Dev sits tight for Elena and goes into Sona’s room through the window. He gets stunned to see Suhana and Sona’s photographs on the divider.

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