Here is how Leenesh Mattoo aka Rudra from 'Ishqbaaaz' goes ALL-OUT..!


The actor has some SPECIAL CHOICES on his cheat day..!

Actor Leenesh Mattoo aka Rudra from ‘Ishqbaaaz’ is evidently one of the fittest and strongest men in the television industry. Contrary to his character, who is goofy and cute, Leenesh is an absolute fitness freak.

The actor loves to be fit and is a gym fanatic. His macho built and chiseled physique is a result of his hardwork and dedication towards his fitness. However, every person is allowed to cheat occasionally, right?

Leenesh had his ‘cheat’ day recently, where he could tweak his diet and give into his guilty pleasures. And, Leenesh decided to go all-out with it where he made the most of it.

And surprisingly, he certainly did go ALL-OUT-

Followed by dominating the sweet tooth-

Woah! That was quite literally ‘making the most of it’!

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