What a pity!!! Nisha to make Aditya’s father a BEGGAR in Zee TV’s Woh Apna Sa


Zee TV’s newly launched show Woh Apna Sa (Alchemy Films) is already keeping viewers hooked with its interesting storyline.

As we know, Aditya’s (Ssudeep Sahir) father suffers from an ailment where he switches in behaviour, from being normal to childish to erratic.

In the coming episodes, he will experience fits and act like a child. While playing with a ball he will accidentally hit and break the TV set. This would leave him panicked and will immediately run to the corridor where Nisha (Ridhi Dogra) will get hold of him and would scold him badly.

She will drag him out of the home and make him sit with the beggars. She will also threaten him that on continuing with the behaviour, she will make him beg all the time.

Indeed, a moving sequence!!!

We buzzed Ridhi but her phone remained unreachable.

Let’s wait and watch what lies ahead in the lives of Aditya, Nisha and Jhanvi!

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