Praneet Bhatt becomes evil Kilmish for Trideviyaan


Television on-screen character Praneet Bhatt, who has for a long while been itching to work with Sab TV has at last got a chance to work with the station as he has entered the well known show Trideviyaan. He will be seen playing the fiendishness Kilmish on the show.

Issues in the life of Chauhans appears to never end. Kilmish is the most recent inconvenience in their lives.

Kilmish is awed by the remarkable work and unique abilities utilized by Trideviyaan and in this manner chooses to entrance them to make them burglarize a bank. The young ladies are sent to imprison while endeavoring to victimize the bank. Kilmish is an entertainer who entrances individuals yet in the meantime he is additionally extremely ungainly.

When he tries a specific enchantment he tends to goof up, this makes his character exceptionally amusing. His style of making an interpretation of Hindi lines into exacting English will be entertaining! Likewise concerning his enchantment aptitudes, for example in the event that he needs to exhibit a pigeon out of the blue, he will wind up introducing a major rodent or on the off chance that he needs to display a vase, he winds up showing a risky bomb.

Praneet enters the show with a concealed motivation which is positively not to engage the watchers with his mystical performer expertise yet with his underhanded plans.

Performer Kilmish is extremely vindictive and when anybody tries to disturb him, he delivers retribution by changing over them into another sex or another living structure.

New reprobate places Trideviyaan in a settle

What is the explanation behind Kilmish to focus on the Chauhans? Will he prevail in his abhorrent plan?

Praneet Bhatt stated, “I generally needed to work with SAB TV for comic drama and feels to a great degree fortunate to be a piece of Trideviyaan. The storyline of the show is extremely novel. My character has diverse shades of dark which makes it extremely engaging and interesting also. I am certain the gathering of people will love and bolster my character.”

Trideviyaan pretense from Monday to Friday at 9.30pm on Sony SAB.

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