When a 'Psychopath' entered this 'Zindagi Ki Mahek' actor's home and BURNED the house..!


And we are not exaggerating it.

It is always saddening for the fans when they come across shocking news about their favourite actor. However, it becomes a different story when a death-defying occurrence is registered.

Yes! You read that right. Actress Kiran Sharma, who currently portrays the lovable character of Kanta Chachi in the Zee Tv popular show, ‘Zindagi Ki Mahek,’ was currently the victim of such a happening.

It so happened that V. K. Sharma, Kiran’s husband was at home and a psychopath entered their house and even blasted the house with a gas cylinder.

Okay, what?

According to a leading news daily, the culprit, who is a psychopath was Rahul Matta. Rahul is 39 years old and a dismissed merchant Navy officer. Due to a tumultuous relationship with his father, Ravindra Matta, and getting dismissed from the merchant Navy, the man has become a psychopath and already has criminal cases registered against himself.

Recently, Rahul tried barging into the Ajanta Apartment in Delhi, after attacking the security guard in charge. He even went on to kill his own father and being on a killing spree, he attacked the other female resident in the apartment. After all this, he finally reached Kiran’s house, where V.K. Sharma was present with his son.

A baffled V.K. was attacked by Rahul, but he managed to save himself by locking himself in a room, where he also called the cops. However, being a psychopath, Rahul got scared and locked himself in the kitchen and set the house on fire with a gas cylinder.

V.K. mentioned how this incident was a close shave at death and thankfully neither he nor his son was harmed.

It is being said that almost nine cops got injured and Rahul too, has suffered 60 percent burns. A police case against Rahul has already been filed and the cops are investigating it further.

Kiran is currently with her family and in deep shock.

We hope the actress recovers from this incident and we wish her all the well being..

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