TV celebs share values they will teach their toddlers on this Independence day


Nothing is more precious than Independence. Liberty is something we live for. We, Indians celebrate this pious day on 15 August. As citizens of this country, we have our emotions towards our country and its Independence. All the patriotic values have been instilled in us since our childhood. Like every parent our favourite TV celebs have some parenting goals and they want their children to inculcate certain values and feelings towards country.
got in touch with the celebs and they shared their feelings and the values they want their kids to have on this independence day..
Amit Tandon: I want my daughter to understand the true meaning of Independence. She should know that the freedom we enjoy here in India is something which everyone does not get to enjoy. She should know that no one can bully her, no one is above her and that everyone is equal.
Sharad Kelkar: I want to make my daughter self-dependent. She should not be dependent on others. She should also know her rights and duties.
Manav Gohil: I want to give my daughter social values like hygiene. I would also like to teach her to give respect to elders and young and also to the rich and poor alike. She should always be ready for the urgent call by the country. And she should be proud of India as a nation.
Arjun Bijlani: My son should be proud of India and the Indian Flag. He should have Patriotic feelings. Make the nation proud by being a good cricketer or be a part of the army or become a great superstar and represent India on an International platform.
Barkha Bisht: My daughter should be Independent and free from her own thoughts. Though we are independent since many years but now also being a girl or woman is more of a taboo. She should grow up to be an independent woman. And be what she wants to be.
Ashita Dhawan: My kids should have a free mindset being free from the conservative thinking. As we are Independent since many years but our thoughts have not changed and we still belong to the conservative society. And we should also stop complaining about the government and help government for the betterment of nation. I just want to tell my kids to be smart, intelligent and have great future.

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